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Tradition and passion for generations.

The origins of the family business goes back to pre-war times. Wladyslaw Oczkowski in a small room in a family home started producing handmade shoes for men and women. In the 70s the son of Casimir continued and developed the plant. He also received a master's diploma, which contributed to the employment of students and increase the amount produced shoes. In subsequent years, production expanded by adding shoes for children. Knowledge, experience and practice under the watchful eye of dad led in 2001 to the founding OBEX.

Hubert Oczkowski, the current owner, creates high-quality children's shoes. All the shoes are made of genuine leather with regard to the design ensures proper development of the child's foot.

We pay special attention to footwear produced by us was flexible, soft and at the same time in line with the latest fashion trends. We want our children to feel fashionably shoes, comfortably and safely.

All the shoes manufactured by us have a flexible sole, a soft contoured insert that supports the active shaping of the longitudinal foot arch of the child and a correspondingly wide tip of the toe wzocmocniony which allows free movement of fingers.

Selected models also feature MEBRA "kiertex" which protects against soaking and wicks moisture to the outside.

All this makes that we can be sure that the interest of our children will develop properly.